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Internet service
Non-Fiber Digital TV service from ATC Communications.
You will be more than remotely interested! ATC Communications' Digital Television is 100% digitally delivered for sharp, vibrant picture quality.

What does this service mean for customers? It means fewer weather-related disruptions than the satellite providers, greater capacity for future channel additions, as well as full 1080p High-Definition programming. All of this comes with the personal support and service from the locally owned and operated company you’ve come to trust from ATC Communications .

Features and benefits
• 70 Standard Definition Channels
• 35 Digital Channels
• 15 Local High Definition Channels
• 32 High Definition Channels
• 9 Music Channels
• 31 Premium Movie Channels
• DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
• Interactive program guide with search capability
*Compatible television required

Service Price per month
Basic Package $39.00
Basic plus Digital (requires standard definition set top box) $49.00
Basic plus Digital & High Definition (requires DVR box) $65.99
Additional  set-top boxes $5.00
1 movie channel $10.00
2 movie channels $18.00
3 movie channels $25.00
4 movie channels $35.00
***movie channels include HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, STARZ & Encore  
Movie packages with a set top box include multiple channels, call for details